Over the decades, skateboarding has progressed into a vivid picture, painted with a wide variety of hobby. From the start of the sport to the present, penny board enterprises and producers have been re-making deck; as a result, penny board is now an important aspect of this huge industry. With the persistent twisting and advance of the basic form of a penny board, mini skateboard, also regarded as short board, is flourishing in the current times since it once was at the beginning periods when skateboarding first went mainstream in the market.

  • What is the exact definition for a mini board?
    The deck of a mini skateboard is often shorter than basic size of a board deck, which is often in the array from 30 to 32 ins. The deck has different shapes and forms, some even duplicating a kick flip deck with kick tail that is symmetrical at both edges. Another one duplicates of early version which was being used before the deck of kick flip is made.
  • Components and Overall Setup
    Truck with shortened lengthmatches this type of small board to copy the original feeling of a classic and genuine mini penny board. There are several mini decks in the market which would not be suitable for the softer and bigger longboard wheels. Putting riser pad to the truck would get rid of the wheel bites, posing the alternative to add almost any size of wheel to a setup of mini penny board. The solution for a short board is probably simplicity; nevertheless, skater has tried with the deck out for certain times. Putting long board truck and adjusting combination for bushing could completely alter the ride of any setups of mini penny board.

  • Mini Board versus Skate Deck versus Long board
    People who would like to achieve flip trick as their favorite professional skaters should go for a basic skateboard deck. Those people who have interests in acquiring experience of surfing on the concrete would be driven to the long board models. Any people who are in the process of purchasing decision between the deck of skate board (which are super cheap penny boards) and the deck of long board should look at a mini penny board. A mini board could be used for thorough technical trick. The simple variations between all 3 types of the penny board as following:

    • – Dimensions – width, length and shape
    • – Components – truck, wheel and hardware size
    • – Skating Style- Flip trick versus general moving and cruising versus a special combination.
  • Benefits of a Mini Penny Board
    Many students in the college have great passion for skateboarding and use a penny board to go to school. A mini penny board could be unpleasant, transported and covered through airport, and thrown by carrying case or book bag. The efficiency of transport based on the board size is better than any other kind of non-auto transport. They are also cost-effectively thanks to using less materials in the process of producing the deck.

The market of mini penny board is continuing to develop. Some manufactures, like GFH, have certain various mini board versions to provide. Other manufacturers are not interested in the old concept of mini board for school students. Many people are discouraged by the size of the board and underestimate the design. Thus, like any other goods in the market, everyone must train himself and check the equipment before making any buying decision. Right now, go direct to the market and try something enjoyable, new, health conscious and environmentally sound.

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