What are the best feature of Dewalt DCF885C2 Impact Driver?

Dewalt DCF885C2 impact driver is considered as the best impact driver for doing the household projects flawlessly. This incredible impact driver is run by the 20-volt maximum lithium ion battery.

All the people out there who are looking for the perfect impact driver for their household projects, and then they must consider Dewalt DCF885C2 first due to its unique design and incredible features. Apart from this, the overall design, shape and weight of the Dewalt DCF885C2 is considered good for the long time work of the driving huge screws into holes and also drilling.

Furthermore, the battery of this impact driver gives adequate power in order to help the users to continue their work without any difficulty. Another amazing thing is that, redeemable battery features is also included in this impact driver so that users can carry additional battery in order to replace current battery when it is dead. As compare to other several manual impact drivers which have direct string connection, DCF885C2 impact driver is run by the battery.

Tips for using Features of Dewalt DCF885C2

This impact driver offers several ideal features to its users. Some of tips to use these features are as follows:

  • Fast speed of Dewalt DCF885C2

Dewalt DCF885C2 is able to give you a perfect experience of working because of its performance and speed. You can use this fast impact driver for doing your several household tasks. Moreover, according to the research, this impact driver can run easily up to the RPM 2,800 which is 43% faster as compared to other manual impact drivers. Users can easily select their comfortable speed due to its speed controlling characteristic.

  • Performance and power of Dewalt DCF885C2

This impact is considered very powerful and appropriate for the experts and professionals who are working in the field of steel knob frames and carpentry. Apart from these, several HVAC experts also like this model due to this high power and performance. It works flawlessly due to the 20 volt lithium ion cordless, which is very durable and enhance your working experience.

  • Ergonomic approachable design of Dewalt DCF885C2

The handle and overall design of Dewalt DCF885C2 impact driver is very ergonomic approachable so that users can do their work flawlessly. Moreover, its one-handed filling system is very fast to work skillfully with the incredible design. It is advisable to never forget its thin handle and 1” bit guidelines that assists you the users to work easily in any sort of tight place.


  • Weight & ideal size of Dewalt DCF885C2

This impact driver is 5.5 “build with a very lean handle in order to make the impact driver more suitable for the users. Moreover, it is very lightweight with only 2.8 pounds which is perfect for any kind of drilling purpose.

Its size also seems perfect with comfy buttons and handle.

  • Two Rechargeable Batteries of Dewalt DCF885C2

This impact driver comes with the maximum battery life in order to do day-to-day household chores. It also supports the 18 volts lithium ion battery in any case if users do not have a 20-volt battery.

  • An ideal kit box of Dewalt DCF885C2

Finally, it also comes with an amazing kit box so that users can keep their important things with them. Moreover, users can get eleven important items in this kit box. Apart from the two chargers and batteries, users will get one plastic storage and belt hook.

Therefore, this impact driver is highly recommended for the people out there who are looking for the perfect impact driver.

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