Summer is the most eventful period of the year with a lot of diverse and attractive programs. The visitors will have more choices for their summer holiday with a lot of interesting destinations.

However, if there is a chance, the visitors should try the new tourism service in summer 2016 such as river tour, walking under the sea tour in Nha Trang, seaplane tour, diving tour in Da Nang or fish hunting tour in Vam Nao river… When taking part in these new forms of tourism, the visitors will have more interesting experience in their own journey.


Mekong Tours

River travel is a very popular travel style in Europe. With geographical characteristics in Europe, the river usually flows through many beautiful and romantic city. Specialized ship in river tours is designed quite simple to be easy to go to the small river. The visitors not only can go sight – seeing the city but also can stop at many interesting places along the tours. The need of river tours has expanded to Asia, especially interesting discovery along the Mekong river. Continue reading “THE NEW TOURISM SERVICE IN SUMMER 2016 YOU SHOULD EXPERIENCE”