Proper golf decorum is vital in the game. However, many novices overlook its importance and even professionals sometimes seem to forget. For beginner golfers, learning golf protocol is as crucial as finding best beginner golf clubs before starting the game. Maintaining good golf etiquette not also brings you rewarding experience but also makes the game more enjoyable.

  1. Safety first

  • Make sure that no one is close to you before swinging the club. Likewise, keep yourself in safe distance while others are performing their swing.
  • When practicing, do not swing in others’ direction. There might be twigs, pebbles or other things that could rise up and harm other golfers.
  • Never strike the ball if the group in front of you is not out of the range. In case your ball is about to head to another golfer or group, shouting out “Fore!” to warn them.
  • Drive golf carts carefully in accordance with the safety instruction. Try to keep your golf cart out of the grass.
  • Don’t ever violently throw clubs. It is not only being rude but also possibly injures other players.


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