1. The road is longer than you expect

If you are not used to riding for more than just a couple hours, then do not plan any road trips as you could actually feel like the time is eternal. Instead, you should try doing some practice rides first to be accustomed with being on a motorcycle for longer amount of time. The more you prepare for your endless 5-hour trip, the more comfortable you will be.

2. Windshield is great

Many people think that a windshield would ruin the appearance of their motorcycle. While this is true for riding in the city, it would be totally wrong when applied on a highway.

Feeling the blowing wind when you ride is probably one of the most amazing experience of riding, but you would be exhausted after 2 or 3 hours at 70 or 75 miles per hour. Therefore, if you are planning for a road trip, remember to choose a suitable windshield form saving the exhaustion yourself.

3. Get a right position

It is really important to have a right riding and seating position during a long road trip, otherwise you could have serious back pain. For example, you should consider an aftermarket seat or a back rest. In addition, you also need to buy several highway pegs and ensure that the handlebars are adjusted comfortably.

4. The weather changes constantly

Even when the weather is predicted to be perfect, always make sure that you are well prepared for the worst situation. Waterproof or well-ventilated equipment would make the wet elements dryer, the cold elements warmer and the hot elements cooler. In some situations, you might need to prepare enough clothes for changing a couple times.

5. Earplugs are awesome

No one ever told you that riding on the highway is so loud. Therefore, remember to take some earplugs so that your ears would be protected from harmful sounds during the road trip.

6. Technology makes everything better

If you ride in long distances frequently, using a little modern technology would possibly make your trip better. For example, most top motorcycle helmet brands provide Bluetooth so that you can connect with your phone to receive call, play music, for follow GPS direction.

While some riders think that cruise control feature makes a riding a bike too much similar to driving a 4-wheel vehicle, being able to dependably keep a consistent speed for long time will help to keep you safe as well as discourage car from passing a motorcycle dangerously that is slowed down accidentally a couple miles per hour.

7. You will get gross

Roads are full of disgusting and nasty stuff. During your trip, you will have sweat more than you think. In addition, grime and dirt will quickly cover you helmet and jacket.

If you have planned to ride for ten hours and then grab a good dinner immediately, you are going to rethink these plans. Remember to choose a place that is possibly less fancy or popular with local rider, or ensure that you have enough time to take a shower before continuing your trip. After riding for a long time on the road, taking a shower will be an absolutely awesome experience for most of us.

If you have the opportunity to take to road trip with your motorcycle, then do not hesitate to do it. And remember to prepare everything mentioned above carefully so that you would love to do it again and again in the future.

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